About Me

Welcome to Meow Box Jewellery! My name is Keynes and I'm a dietitian who enjoys making miniature food jewellery that are (almost) good enough to eat! All the pieces are designed around desserts and other sweet foods including cupcake necklace, donut earrings and chocolate cake ring. Every single piece of jewellery has been lovingly made by myself using different types of modelling clay and other materials. Sweet and delicious looking without all the calories!
The name Meow Box came from (surprise surprise) my love for cats and for some reason they all love to sit in boxes! It's also a reflection on cute little handmade pieces in jewellery boxes.

Making jewellery has been a hobby of mine for years, I've previously traded at Camden Market and also at the Bricklane Upmarket in East London. I have done sessions for groups and events on making miniature food. I ran a workshop at the V & A museum's Friday Late event for people to make their own small cake necklace which was busy but a lot of fun! My products are listing on this website and I also sell at events and markets.
I am based in London and my inspirations are from my interests in all things miniature and the fantastic patisserie shops in Paris and Tokyo! As realistic as they are, please note that my jewellery are not edible.
If you would like more info on any of my handmade creations and products, please contact me using this form.


With Totoro in Osaka                                                                                       At the V&A Friday Late workshop